10 Reasons Why Young, Healthy People Need To Get COVID-19 Vaccination

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7 min readMay 24, 2021


The biggest vaccination campaign the world has ever undertaken is ongoing and currently, over 1.7 billion doses have been administered all over the world.

While young people are not susceptible to COVID-19 fatality like older people, they are now fueling the uptick in COVID-19 cases as they are not motivated to take vaccines due to a combination of reasons.

Some of these reasons include government agencies and health organizations not targeting them with messages that encourage vaccination, myths that vaccines are being used as markers, or containing chip implants.

However, regardless of these, vaccination has been shown to not only protect young people but their family, friends, and others around them. This is more so for those that are at an increased risk of severe illness and complications from the virus.

New strains are currently being spread sending young people into emergency wards and leaving them with long covid (a condition where the effects of COVID-19 persist longer than normal upon treatment).

It is thus clear that vaccination is very important and in this article, we will take a look at 10 of the top reasons why young people should seek a vaccination center as soon as possible.

1. They Can Suffer Long-Lasting Consequences

Young people are considered low in susceptibility to COVID-19 and that plays a part in their perception that getting vaccinated isn’t crucial, however, there is still the threat of long COVID or developing long-lasting complications down the road.

Many young people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who are healthy and fit have ended up in the ER and suffering long-lasting respiratory difficulties that could persist for life. They suffer from things like loss of smell and taste, which has made them lose joy in eating and losing weight rapidly. Some experience brain fog and persistent weakness.

Instead of thinking that you are immune to it because you are young, it is better to get full protection by vaccinating as there is no guarantee you may be that lucky as many haven’t been.

2. COVID-19 Infection Can Cause Immune System Overreaction

COVID-19 cytokine storms (which is when the immune system overreacts by producing harmful proteins) are being suffered by young healthy people.

This overreaction can cause severe inflammation or other serious life-threatening symptoms. Hospitals have reported young people in their 20s coming in with cardiomyopathy (which happens in response to a cytokine storm caused by COVID-19 infection) and being placed on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation), a heart-lung machine for several days and weeks.

The immune system that protects young people from developing complications from COVID can produce a vigorous response that sends them to the hospital.

3. They Expose Other Vulnerable People to Infection

As the virus mutates into harder strains, eradicating the disease is getting much harder and exposing a vulnerable population to new strains that vaccines cannot yet prevent.

The B.1.351 and P.1 variants are now escaping immunity from vaccines and previous infections. While these strains and even the highly contagious B.1.1.7 strain can still be prevented with vaccination, they may likely mutate into future strains that might be harder to combat.

So vaccination remains the key to ending this pandemic and it is crucial to receive vaccination as soon as possible before the current strains mutate into new strains that current vaccines have no effect on.

4. It could Save People Money

COVID-19 comes with its health services expenditure that could massively impact other people’s lives. COVID-19 treatment could be very expensive, with medical bills running into thousands of dollars, long workdays lost, and the potential for repeated visits to the doctor if people develop long COVID.

A COVID-19 vaccine costs nothing and would help you avoid medical bills, lost income, and an inability to pay bills and also prevent passing the virus to someone who will spend plenty of money treating it.

5. You Can Get to Dating Again

Dating apps are encouraging vaccination and encouraging people to meet others who find it cool. Many prospective daters are looking to match up with people who have been vaccinated as well.

On some dating platforms, users are required to answer questions about taking the COVID-19 vaccine, and those who answer affirmatively have their profiles liked more than those who choose no. On other platforms, the word “vaccine” has tremendously increased in profile mentions, which further signifies its importance to people.

6. Stop New Spreading Variants in its Tracks

New strains of COVID-19 that are nothing like the original strain are hitting young people hard and spreading. The B.1.1.7 variant is highly contagious and has become the most dominant Coronavirus strain in the US.

This strain mutates in a way that lets it bind more to cells, which means even the slightest exposure can cause an infection and for young adults who are socializing without being vaccinated, it is easy to get infected and pass it on to others as symptoms don’t show up for days. Getting vaccinated can keep you protected against these high-contagious variants.

7. Young people may have complications worsened by infection

A large number of American youths between 18 and 25 have at least one underlying condition and this puts them at risk of complications from Coronavirus. About 1/3 of those who develop mild COVID might present with persistent symptoms months later.

Some of these conditions include asthma, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, or a substance abuse disorder. Obesity especially is a major risk for developing adverse effects after infection. People who smoke (whether traditional cigarettes or e-cigs) are likely to develop respiratory problems after infection.

For some people, COVID-19 has impacted their mental health in different ways. The fear of infection, loss of loved ones, missed job or schooling opportunities, hopelessness regarding life returning to normal are among factors impacting millions all over the country.

8. The Country needs young people safe

The youths are the future of any society and keeping them safe is a responsibility for everyone including young people themselves. Not wanting to take the COVID-19 vaccine not only impacts you as you can now see but other people around you and the nation at large.

The vaccines are not 100% effective but offer a better form of protection as the country seeks to open up places like offices, movie theaters, sporting centers, concerts, and crowded bars that young people frequently go to and work in. Being vaccinated ensures the virus isn’t spread to other people and these places remain open. After all, another lockdown is the last thing anyone wants.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that there are people with medical conditions who cannot take the vaccines and are relying on others not to infect them. They are counting on their fellow countrymen to get vaccinated.

9. It will help boost the economy

Many public places are still closed because transmission is still ongoing. While some places are yet to open to full capacity because of the high COVID-19 numbers out there, however, the more people get vaccinated the earlier these places can open to everyone.

The economy of the country has taken a beating due to the global pandemic, and taking a vaccine will help to get more businesses reopening safely, get employees back to work, and get things back to order faster.

If America must open up again, getting vaccinated is key. Many states are offering cash and other incentives for vaccination and young people should take advantage of that not only for themselves but to get life in their community back to normal as soon as possible.

10. Children need to be protected

While children below 12 years of age are not eligible to receive vaccines, they can still get infected and could go on to develop long covid. So those who have children around them need to get vaccinated to protect these young ones and everyone else.

COVID-19 is being spread through youth sports and other extracurricular activities, so it is important for adults who want to engage in these activities with children to get vaccinated. Some cases involving rare auto-immune responses to Coronavirus are being reported in children all over the country.

Children who incidentally picked up the Coronavirus from unvaccinated family members or friends typically feel fine after testing positive, only to become ill and suffer organ damages due to an antibody response months down the road.

There is even the problem of children passing it on to other children and adults as well. So while you feel you are invulnerable as a young, healthy person, others aren’t. Get vaccinated and protect these young ones in your life.


The importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 cannot be overemphasized. Young people represent the largest group in our society and should be at the forefront of receiving vaccines and spreading the vaccine message.

Several institutions, organizations, and platforms like National Coronavirus Hotline are joining hands with the government in introducing programs that drum up awareness about COVID-19 and drive demand for vaccines by the young populace.

As a young person, you have the responsibility to protect yourself, your family, friends, and your community. With the reasons for vaccination listed in this article, you can be motivated to search out the next vaccination spots closest to you, get a jab and feel truly safe and free.

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